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General Information


Application Approval Process.  I’ve seen the property, I want it, now what do I do?

The first step is submitting a completed rental application which can be found on our website under Resident Services.  Processing the application includes employment/income verification,  nationwide eviction filings search, nationwide criminal background check, credit check, and identity verification.  Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds : ).  We also need to contact your current employer (if applicable) and current/past landlord(s).  Our system will tell us if you’re approved and what the appropriate deposit should be.   Our office will process the application within 48 hours and notify you right away regarding approval.    WE DO THE APPROVAL PROCESS AS FAST POSSIBLE IN ORDER TO BENEFIT EVERYONE INVOLVED. : )

Income Requirements.  How much money do I need to make to get approved?

We require your monthly household gross income to equal 3 times the monthly rent amount or the monthly household net income to equal 2 times the monthly rent amount.  As a reminder, gross means what you make before taxes and net means what you make after taxes are taken out.  For example if your rent is $700 per month we will require your monthly household income to be $2100 gross or $1400 net.

(Helpful Tip: Multiply your weekly income by 4.34 (average weeks per calendar month) to determine your monthly income.  If you are paid bi-weekly, multiply your bi-weekly paycheck by 2.17 to determine your monthly income)

Payment Plan at Move In.  Can I make payments in order to move in now?

This is one area we choose not to get involved with.  We recommend borrowing whatever is needed from family members, friends, or your employer.

Credit Score.  What if I have bad credit or no credit at all?

You’re in luck.  You only need one of the following to be approved: strong income, good rental history, or good credit.  If you lack in one area we may ask for additional deposit money.

Evictions in my past.  What if I have a previous eviction on my record?

You’re in luck.  You only need one of the following to be approved: strong income, good rental history, or good credit.  If you lack in one area we may ask for additional deposit money.

Unemployed.  What if I don’t have any income currently?

You’re in luck.  You only need one of the following to be approved: strong income, good rental history, or good credit.  If you lack in one area we may ask for additional deposit money.


Maximum Occupancy.  How many people are allowed to move in?

We allow two occupants in a one bedroom unit, four occupants in a two bedroom unit, and six occupants in a three bedroom unit. We do charge an extra $30 per person over three people in most units.  This money is used to help absorb the additional water/sewer and/or wear and tear costs.


Section 8.  Do you accept Section 8 residents?

Yes.   Section 8 residents are welcome.  Section 8 residents are subject to the same application and approval process as everyone else.


Rent Payments.  What is EPay? Can I make payments online? What if I prefer to pay cash?

Epay is a convenient, easy, and free way to pay rent! When you are signed up for Epay we automatically pull rent from your checking or savings account so you never have to worry about remembering to pay.  Just make sure the money is in your account :).  In order to set up Epay, please complete and return an Epay authorization form.  Epay authorization forms can be obtained by contacting our office.  We recommend Epay over all of the other payment methods.

Online Payments can be made by accessing our Resident Web Access (also known as “Resident Login”).  Resident Web Access allows you to make online payments using your checking & savings account or credit card.  Third party fee’s do apply:  $1 for payments made by checking or savings accounts and 2.5% plus $1 for payments made by credit card.  In order to set up Resident Web Access you will need your resident account number and the primary phone number listed on your account.  Please contact our office to get your account number and verify your primary phone number.

Cash Payments can be made using our CashPay program.  Foote Real Estate accepts cash payments made at 25,000 retail locations nationwide like Wal-Mart, Kmart, or some local grocery stores.  Pay your rent while out running errands!! Here’s how:  1. Obtain your account number from your property manager.  2.  Visit the CheckFreePay kiosk within the retailer of your choice and present the agent with your CashPay account number and cash payment.  3.  Collect a receipt and you’re done!!  Your payment will electronically be sent to our office.  A $4 fee charged by the retailer will apply.  To find a CheckFreePay location near you, please visit .


Resident Web Access.  Go here to pay online, view account info, etc.

Resident Web Access (RWA) allows our residents to pay online, view account info, view and add community messages, and change account passwords and update personal info online.  To create a RWA account you will need your resident account number and primary phone number listed on your account.  Please contact our office for this information.


Utilities.  When do I put them in my name? 

Utilities are transferred into the Resident’s name prior to move in.  Once our office confirms the utilities are in the resident’s name you’re able to move in.  We recommend residents call the utility companies as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.   Some utility companies take longer than others to begin the transfer and may also require a deposit on the account.


Renter’s Insurance.  Should I buy it and why?

Yes!  Renters insurance covers your personal property from damage or theft and provides liability coverage if someone is injured while in your home.  If your home is damaged by fire, storm, plumbing leaks, or other covered events your renters insurance will pay for damage to your belongings.   You will also be covered to stay in a hotel if you experience loss of use of your home.   Renters insurance is affordable (about $12 per month) and worthwhile.  We recommend contacting Adam Gentzler of Gentzler and Smith Insurance Associates, Inc. for your renters insurance.  Adam can be reached at 717-741-0965 or

Extra Person.  Can I move someone in who is not on the lease?

Yes!  If you move in, then decide you would like someone to move in with you who is not on the lease, they will need to call our office to get approved before they move in.  Any new adult will need to complete an application and be screened.  Once our office approves the new resident they will be added to the lease.  We charge an extra $50 per month (per additional resident) to help absorb the additional water/sewer and wear and tear costs.

Pets.  Am I allowed to have pets?

Our pet policy differs from property to property.  Your best bet is to contact our office to discuss any pet questions you might have.   As a general guideline, we allow cats at most properties.  Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted at certain properties due to insurance restrictions.  There is a $250 pet deposit per animal and a $25 monthly pet fee per animal.

Parking.  How many cars can I have?  What about a boat, trailer, etc?

Our parking policy differs from property to property.  As a general guideline: we allow 2 standard size vehicles per household in our mobile home and apartment communities.  1 standard size vehicle is permitted if you are a room resident.  To save space for everyone, we do not allow RV’s, boats, trailers, etc.

If you are renting a single family home please contact our office for your specific parking allowance.

We do offer parking space rentals.  These spaces can accommodate up to a 45 ft RV, boat, trailer, etc.  We typically charge $30 per month for these spaces.  If you’re interested please check with our office for availability.

Satellite Dish.  Can I install a Satellite Dish?

Yes!  A satellite dish can be installed but it must be attached to a pole in the ground or other location approved by our maintenance manager.  We do not allow dishes to be attached to roofs or sides of the home.  Please notify our office for location approval if you plan to install a dish.

Locked out? I locked myself out. What do I do now?

The best thing to do to avoid this is to have a spare key made and keep it somewhere safe and easily accessible 24/7  :).  Unfortunately, if you don’t have a spare here are your options:  Our office can drive to the property and unlock the door for you for $25 or the amount that is in your lease.  If no staff member is available to meet your needs, you will need to call a locksmith.  We recommend Henry’s Lock and Key 717-848-1704 or if you need 24 hour service call Smith’s Locksmith Services 717-244-3336.

Appliances.  My refrigerator broke, who is responsible to fix it?

We have a 30 day appliance guarantee.  Simply notify our office within 30 days of your move in and we will make all necessary repairs.  Once the 30 day period expires, appliance repairs become the responsibility of the Resident.  We recommend calling Dave Garrett of Garrett’s Appliance Service for all needed repairs, 717-741-0950.  Garrett’s is very good at what they do and charge a reasonable price.

Maintenance Request.  I have something that needs to be fixed, what do I do?

Simply call or email us and we will respond to your request within one business day.  You can also send a more detailed request on the website, just look under Resident Services and click Maintenance Request.  Maintenance Request Form

Emergency Maintenance Request!  I have an emergency, what do I do?

Call 717-885-8686 and press option 9 to call our maintenance manager directly.  Our maintenance manager will correct the needed repairs ASAP!!  As a general rule of thumb, an emergency is anything relating to the property under lease that is threatening to health, life, or property and cannot wait until the next business day to be addressed.  Please call 911 if you require an emergency response from a law enforcement agency, fire department, or ambulance service.

Late Fee’s.  I’m paying late this month, is there a late fee?

Not always 🙂  Our “Enjoy Your Stay” Promise includes a Late Fee Forgiveness Program,  View “Enjoy Your Stay” Promise.  We will waive your late fee one time every 12 months.   Unfortunately we will need to charge a late fee starting the second time you are late in each 12 month span.  The late fee is equal to 10% of your monthly rent.  Late fees begin on the 6th day of the month if there is a balance still due on your account.

*Please remember that all payments made are applied to the oldest amount due and owing*

*The important thing is, if you know you’re going to pay late one month, call us and lets see what we can work out.  We always prefer you calling us to give us the heads up.  Most of the time we can get things squared away to avoid filing for eviction*

Evictions.  Oh no! I can’t pay rent, am I going to be evicted?

Not necessarily..  This is the last thing we want to have happen.  Please see Resident Services on the website and click “Enjoy Your Stay” promise. View “Enjoy Your Stay” Promise.  The “Enjoy Your Stay” promise is our commitment to help our residents when they are experiencing a life change that negatively affects their income.  In this scenario we will develop a partial payment plan for two months to help you get caught up and back on your feet.

If not paying rent is a habit, we have found being generous does not help anyone.  In this scenario (or any scenario in which your income has not been negatively affected) we file for eviction on the 7th day of the month.   If subsequent filings are necessary we will only wait until the 3rd day of the month to file.  We may also ask that you begin to pay rent in cash or money order.

Upon filing for eviction we begin to advertise your home for rent.  We also begin to show it to prospective new residents.

*It pays to pay on time.  Once a Landlord / Tenant Complaint is filed with the District Magistrate’s Office, your costs dramatically increase.  Here is a breakdown of the added costs in addition to rent:  late fee’s (10% of the rent), court fee’s (about $230), and our office charges an additional minimum of $25 per step taken in the L/T action which is another $100.  We also follow through with wage garnishment at the prothonotary’s office and have the judgment recorded.  The recorded judgment will appear on your credit report until it’s satisfied.  The eviction will also show up on every UJS search future Landlords run.  UJS is a free site most landlords use today.*

Phone Broadcast

Our office is in constant search of technology that makes life easier for everyone.  We started using a Phone Broadcast system in 2014 and it has been great!!

We have the ability to send recorded voice messages to our residents through a phone broadcasting system.  This allows you to hear important messages and upcoming events.

We typically use the phone broadcast system to send courtesy reminders that save our residents time and money.

For example, our late fee’s start on the 6th day of the month.  We will send a phone broadcast on the 5th day of the month to any resident who has not paid rent yet, reminding them to pay rent by the end of the day to avoid the late fee.


Docusign.  What the heck does this have to do with me wanting to rent??

Our office is in constant search of technology that makes life easier for everyone.  We started using Docusign in 2014 and it has been great!!

Docusign is a simple and convenient way to sign a document electronically from any device (computer, phone, or tablet).  This means we can send you an email and you can sign it and email it back to us without ever having to print, scan, fax, or drive to the office.. It’s really that simply.

As long as you have an email address, you’re good to go.  The docusign email will blink to indicate where your signature is needed. It is very user friendly for all first timers.

Docusign is very helpful during lease renewals, lease addendums, etc..

Docusign automatically emails you a copy of all documents you sign to keep for your records.

Renewing the Lease.  I want to sign another lease.  What should I do?

Simply call our office and we will arrange for you to renew another one year lease.  This is an easy process and thanks to Docusign you don’t even need to drive to the office!

Each time you renew another one year lease, we will install one fixture in your home for free!   You can choose from lighting or plumbing fixtures or even window coverings.  Please click on “Enjoy Your Stay” Promise under Resident Services for more information.

If we do not hear from you prior to your lease end date, you will automatically be placed on a month to month lease.  Month to month leases typically cost $50 to $70 more per month than a yearly lease.   The additional cost is due to additional property management, advertising, clean up, and vacancy costs associated with month to month leases.

If you plan to stay (and we hope you do!) for another year make sure you let us know so you’re not placed on a month to month lease!!

Month to Month Lease.  Can I do a month to month lease??

Yes!  Month to month leases are ok for new residents or existing residents who do not wish to renew a yearly lease.  Due to the additional costs of property management, advertising, clean up, and vacancy associated with month to month leases we typically charge an additional $50 to $70 per month.

Moving Out.  I want to move, what should I do?

Our leases ask you to notify our office in writing 60 days before you’re ready to move.  This can be done by email or sending us a letter.  Sorry, we cannot accept a phone call as proper notice to vacate.

Residents are responsible for paying rent until the end of the month in which the 60 day notice ends.  Therefore it benefits you to give your notice to vacate on the last day of a month, 60 days before you’re ready to move.

Our office is pretty strict in regards to property notice being given.  By giving proper notice to vacate, you are giving our office enough time to find a new resident for your unit without experiencing unnecessary vacancy.  Please make sure you refer to your lease.

Please view our “resident move out instructions” to ensure your full deposit is returned and the process goes as smooth as possible.

Moving Out.  Will my home be shown to prospective residents after I tell you I’m moving?

Yes.  Once our office receives your notice to vacate we begin advertising your home for rent.  We also place a For Rent sign and lock box on the property and begin to show the property to qualified prospective residents only.   You will receive a 24 hour notice before all showings.  The showings are quick and painless.  We are normally in and out in less than 10 minutes.  All prospective residents are accompanied by our staff during the showings at all times.  The better the house looks the quicker we can get it re-rented, which means less showings!!   Your help is greatly appreciated!! : )

Please view our “resident move out instructions” to ensure your full deposit is returned and the process goes as smooth as possible.


Moving Out.  How clean does my home need to be to get my security deposit back?

We simply ask that you return the property in the same condition that it was prior to your move in.  Residents need to make sure there are no personal items or trash left behind.  The entire premises should be cleaned, carpets shampooed, and appliances cleaned.  If you are responsible for your lawn care you would also need to mow before vacating the premises.  If any of the following are not completed it may result in a forfeiture of your security deposit.   All keys and a mailing address (to send the security deposit) should be left at the property at the time of your move out. We love returning security deposits in exchange for a clean home!!

Please view our “resident move out instructions” to ensure your full deposit is returned and the process goes as smooth as possible.

Security Deposits.  When do I get it back and how do I get it?

Security Deposits are returned within 30 days of moving out.  Please remember to leave us your new mailing address when you move out.  We will send your security deposit check to that address.  If no address is given we always mail the security deposit to the last known address.  If there are any security deposit deductions, our office will itemize the deductions in a letter.  The itemized deduction letter and security deposit check will be mailed together.

Please view our “resident move out instructions” to ensure your full deposit is returned and the process goes as smooth as possible.